Functionalization and disinfection of implants

Plasma technology has already been used for many years for the functionalization and disinfection of implants in dentistry. By functionalizing the surfaces with atmospheric pressure plasma, the surface is cleaned, the implant sterilized and the risk of infection reduced. At the same time, the surface energy of the implant is increased. The improved wettability promotes cell deposition on the surface of the implant and accelerates the healing process.

It is important for the healing process after implantation that implants are wettable. We have investigated the wetting behavior of two titanium implants before and after plasma treatment to demonstrate the effects.

When applying the drop, we see that the untreated implant is hydrophobic.
– the implant wets poorly.

The second implant has been treated with plasma. Due to the compact shape of the piezobrush, direct treatment is possible before implantation in the operating theatre or at the treatment chair.

[caption id="attachment_12443" align="alignright" width="800"]Implantate vor und nach der Plasmabehandlung Implantats before and after plasma treatment[/caption]

The test shows – the wetting behavior has been significantly optimized, the surface is now hydrophilic. This optimizes and accelerates the osseointegration, and the deposition of osteoblasts is faster and more extensive. The patient benefits from a faster and better healing process.


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