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The term plasma is increasingly used today, but what is plasma? Plasma is a key and cross-sectional technology in many industries today and a modern technology standard that is being dynamically expanded.

What is plasma?

Although physicists and chemists only started talking about plasma in relatively recent times, plasma related phenomena have played a role in the life of human beings ever since primeval times. Lightening created fire and the northern lights made our forefathers contemplate the existence of higher beings. Both of these natural effects are based on plasmatic discharges.

The history of experimental plasma physics began around the year 1700 with attempts to create electrical luminous effects in evacuated glass bulbs. In 1747 Benjamin Franklin invented the lightening conductor and Michael Faraday first raised the question of the four states of matter: solid, liquid, gas and fire as the fourth state (plasma). Werner von Siemens developed the first technical plasma application in 1857 with his ozone generator, which was used to generate ozone by means of electrical discharge.

Ground-breaking developments in lighting technology (neon tubes, glass lasers, plasma displays), and in plasma chemistry, for example, in the production of diamond coatings or plasma welding, are based on the ability to master the fourth state of matter and have become an integral part of everyday production. Today, plasma technology is in the process of fundamentally revolutionising conventional production procedures in industry, as well as applications in the hygiene sector and in medical technology.

Here at Relyon Plasma we have decades of experience in the development and implementation of specialist plasma components for manual and in-line processes.

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