Plasmacell P300 – Die effiziente Plasmabehandlung

plasmacell P300

Plasma all-in-one system for small to medium-sized components

The plasmacell is a compact stand-alone plasma system that provides a perfect working environment for simple and efficient plasma treatment of your workpiece. By combining and enclosing a high performance plasma device, a high voltage source and a XYZ robot, you get a semi-automated system that meets all safety guidelines.

The plasmacell is mainly used in research and industrial development, since the treatment process can be reproduced exactly at any time by robot automation. Thus plasmacell guarantees a constant quality at all times. In addition, a comprehensive software system is pre-installed, which enables the entire process monitoring.

The versatility of the robust cartesian axis system and the reliability of the plasma generator leave nothing to be desired. The coordinated system sets new standards in economy and quality.

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Field of application

  • Small series and prototype construction
  • Pre-development and development
  • Universities, laboratories and research institutes
  • In-house sampling
  • Automotive sector
  • Industrial, reproducible processes

Possible applications

  • Cleaning of metal, glass and plastics
  • Surface activation and functionalization for optimized wettability
  • Plasma-assisted adhesive bonding
  • Plasma-induced reduction of metal surfaces
  • For small to medium-sized components and batches

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Technical specification

  • Work area 300 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm
  • Power supply 230 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Protection classification IP54
  • Floor space 700 mm x 1,100 mm (approx. 0.8 m²)

Application examples

One of eight Piezo Modules (PDD Technology®) of the Piezo Radial Source during the treatment of a textile fibre

Piezo Radial Source

In cooperation with the Research Institute of Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics of the University of Innsbruck, relyon plasma GmbH has developed the Plasmacell P300 with Piezo Radial Source designed especially for the plasma treatment of textile fibres, yard goods and continuous material.


Thanks to its modularity, the basic system can be flexibly expanded and is consistently optimised for ergonomics and occupational safety. The well proven plasma system plasmabrush PB3 is characterized by low weight and compact design of the plasma head. This allows the full dynamic range of motion to be exploited. The efficient high voltage source PS2000 provides the power for all practical requirements. The system is tested and delivered fully installed: Simply plug and play. All options can be easily upgraded.

The closed cell ensures a clean environment. The exhaust air can be cleaned with an optional filter which makes an external suction device obsolete. Also, you can choose an optional completely autonomous compressed air supply as compact and quiet 19 inch rack. This option makes you independent from a compressed air supply.


Operation of the plasmacell is simple and intuitive. The included Teachbox allows you to program treatment sequences quickly and easily, so that you can save and reaccess them. In addition, the standard version of the plasmacell is equipped with a touchscreen. Not only can you start and stop the traversing unit, but you can also set, monitor and control your entire process.

By setting the speed and the distance taken by the traversing unit, it is possible to define exactly how long and where the workpiece has to be treated. Additionally, the entire process can be monitored regarding for frequency, power, performance and voltage via the control panel in the software. These two functionalities make it possible to quickly and easily determine the best treatment process for each material and workpiece.


  • Can be used immediately without installation effort
  • Partial automation, only sample mounting is done manually
  • Very high work safety
  • Operation with or without external gas connection possible


What is the temperature of the generated plasma?
The temperature distribution within the plasma flame is between 200 degrees and goes up to 1000 degrees. It differs greatly depending on the nozzle used.
Is an over-treatment of the surface possible?
An over-treatment of the surface is possible, but thermic damage to the surface can be compensated by distance and relative velocity.
Is a gas supply necessary?
Yes, but a fully autonomous air supply can be optionally selected as a compact and low-noise 19-inch rack. In this version, the plasmacell is independent of the compressed air network.
Which platform is installed in the plasmacell?
A 260 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm traversing unit is installed.
Can the device be used on all materials?
In principle, all materials can be treated with the plasmacell. With conductive materials, a particularly effective treatment can be carried out by transferring the arc.
What power supply does the device require?
The plasmacell can be operated via a standard household SchuKo socket.
How safe is it working with the plasmacell?
The plasmacell has protection class IP54. The closed processing cell ensures a clean environment. With the optional filter, the exhaust air is cleaned and external extraction is therefore not necessary.
How can the traversing unit of the plasmacell be programmed?
Treatment sequences can be programmed quickly and easily using the Teachbox, which is included in the scope of delivery, so that you can save and recall them repeatedly. In addition, the plasmacell is equipped as standard with a screen that you can control via touchscreen. This means that you can not only start and stop the traversing unit, but also set, monitor and control your entire process.


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