MIt Plasma behandelbare Oberflächen

Plasma treatable materials and components

Plasma treatable surfaces

In principle, most materials and components have atmospheric plasma treatable surfaces. A wide range of materials are being treated with the plasma applications of Relyon Plasma, among others:

  • Metals, metal alloys
  • Plastics and composites
  • glass, ceramics, inorganic composites, natural stone
  • natural leather, imitation leather
  • natural fibre, wood, paper

In addition, there are practically no limits to the geometric shapes:

  1. Very fine spots can be targeted with utmost precision and be treated with a series of pulses
  2. Linear contours and complex geometric forms can be traced three-dimensionally in the space surrounding them
  3. Cables, tubes and other cylindrically shaped endless materials can be treated at a very high speed both on the inside and on the outside
  4. Thin textiles or technical filaments can be treated at rapid pace
  5. Powders such as for example pigments can be functionalized either in a batch or in a continuous process in order to increase their solubility in liquid suspensions
  6. Porous materials and open-pore foams are treated in depth
  7. Large-surface sheet materials can be treated at high speed

Treatable materials


Oberflächenbehandlung von Kunststoffe
Most common plastics are suitable for surface treatment and ultra-fine cleaning.


Oberflächenbehandlung von Metalle mit atmosphärischem Plasma
Surface treatment of metals is carried out with atmospheric plasma technology from relyon plasma, for cleaning, oxide reduction and pre-treatment.

Anorganic materials

Plasmabehandlung von anorganischen Materialien
Plasma treatment of inorganic materials such as glass, stone or ceramics can significantly increase the surface energies.

Applications PDD Technology

In a customer survey we asked our customers which materials they treat with our PDD technology. Here’s the result:

For the treatment of which substrates do you use PDD technology?

Substrates treated with PDD technology

Which plastics do you treat with PDD technology?

Which plastics are treated with the piezobrush PZ2 by our customers?
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