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Plasma as industry solution

The implementation of plasma technology has been established as a standard process in many industries for years. The field of application is broad in most industries and differs from industry to industry.


plasmabrush PB3
  • Cleaning of metals e.g. cylinder heads
  • Structural bonding of CFRP
  • Pretreatment of plastics: PA, ABS, PP, PE, etc.
  • Cable assembly for control elements


Integration of plasmabrush PB3 into Optomec Aerosol Jet UP300 Printer
  • Surface pre-treatment e.g. for QR code printing
  • Preparation of glass for digital printing
  • Optimized labeling printing on pipes and cables

3D printing

Plasma im 3D Druck - piezobrush® PZ3
  • Bonding of individual parts in the SLS process
  • Integration into Aerosol Jet Printing System
  • Adhesion improvement in the fused filament fabrication (fff-fdm) process


Printed Circuit Board
  • Modification of surfaces
  • Fine cleaning of silicon chips before bonding
  • Assistance technology for novel wafer splitting processes

Medical technology

piezobrush® Modul Standard PDMS auf Glas
  • Preparation of laboratory supplies for improved wetting
  • Preparation of materials for improved adhesion
  • Sterilization and disinfection of medical devices and equipment


Plasmabehandlung von Dentalimplantaten
  • Improved further processing of implants through functionalization
  • Increased biocompatibility due to optimized wetting properties
  • Sterilisation of surfaces


One of eight Piezo Modules (PDD Technology®) of the Piezo Radial Source during the treatment of a textile fibre
  • Cleaning and surface activation of continuous goods such as textile fibres, roll goods and yard goods
  • Activation of leather before bonding e.g. shoe soles


Plasmabehandlung in der Verpackungsindustrie
  • Improvement of adhesion between different materials
  • Production of composite film for food packages
  • Preparation before printing foils

Solar technology

Plasma in der Solartechnik
  • Surface pre-treatment e.g. before bonding
  • Replacing chemicals with plasma
  • Automation of processes


Kaltes Plasma in der Elektroindustrie – das neue Kaltplasma-Handgerät piezobrush® PZ3
  • Cable assembly
  • Activation of wires
  • Treatment of electrical boards before potting

Leightweight construction

Bearbeitung von CFK Materialien mit dem Plasmabrush
  • Weight optimisation of structural bonding through the use of plasma
  • Adhesion improvement
  • Optimisation of processes and quality


beautyPlas concept for plasma skin treatment
  • Preparation of nails for the application of nail varnish or artificial fingernails.
  • Cosmetic plasma treatment of the skin

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