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Plasma components: Modular in design for manual, stationary and in-line solutions

relyon plasma has decades of experience in the development and implementation of specialized atmospheric plasma systems for manual applications and inline processes. Modular in construction – for manual, stationary and inline solutions. Our plasma technology products are made for in-line capability for industry, business, the skilled trades, research, development, laboratories and medical technology.

Our technical platforms can provide you with a comprehensive modular system to suit your requirements. Here, we are able to meet all your configuration needs – from an individual manual work station right through to a fully automated high speed system.

In correspondence with the different requirements, we have implemented two different technologies in our product portfolio.

PDD Technology

Piezo Electric Direct Discharge Technology (PDD® Technology) for sensitive processes that require cold active plasma.

Plasma Technology: Piezoelectric direct discharge technology
PDD Technology >>

PAA Technology

Pulsed Atmospheric Arc Technology (PAA® Technology) for applications that require high performance and rapid processes.

Plasmatechnologie: Pulsed atmospheric arc technology
PAA Technology >>

Comparison of plasma systems

The following table shows the difference between the two technologies:

Plasma tool plasmabrush PB3 piezobrush PZ2
Operation principle PAA PDD
Nozzle used A450 Standard nozzle
Plasma / Consumed power 150 W / 700W 8.3 W / 18 W
Plasma plume temperature Hundreds of °C Close to room temperature
Working gas CDA Ambient air
Gas flow 50 SLM 10 SLM
Operation frequency 54 kHz 50 kHz
Nozzle distance 10 mm 2 mm
Typical activation speed 1 m/s 1 cm/s

Discover all the plasma systems in our product brochure.

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