plasmabrush® PB3 Integration

PlasmaBrush PB3 Integration

Complete plasma solution for stationary use in production lines

The PlasmaBrush PB3 Integration is a complete system with external compressed air connection, cable-connected operating unit, plasma generator and nozzle. It was developed for stationary use in production plants. The plasma unit can be controlled either by remote control or by connection to a higher-level control system. Integration is thus possible according to individual customer requirements.


A gas monitoring and an internal gas maintenance unit are available on the PlasmaBrush PB3 Integration. The integrated gas flow meter (MFM) with minimum value and display on the unit provides information about the gas flow. The plasma generator is equipped with an additional holder and a fabric protection hose for the cable and the gas hose.

The manual control of the PlasmaBrush PB3 Integration is carried out via the remote control. For safe working, the remote control is equipped with an emergency stop button so that the process can be stopped immediately. Plasma generation cannot be restarted until the error has been acknowledged. If the gas supply is too low, the switch for plasma generation can not be operated. Due to the control with a superordinate plant control via PLC, an automated integration into the existing plant is also possible.

Control panel

Fields of application

  • Surface activation and functionalization for optimized wettability
  • Coating for new surface properties
  • Plasma-assisted laminating processes and adhesive bonded joints
  • Plugging and sealing
  • Plasma-induced reduction of metal surfaces
  • Fine cleaning of metal, glass and plastics
  • Chemical-free bleaching of textiles
  • Sterilization of fabrics and thermally unstable plastics
  • Food treatment to improve quality and shelf life
  • Multi-component injection molding

Material classes that can be treated

  • Metals and metal alloys
  • Plastics and composite materials
  • Glass, ceramics, inorganic composites, natural stone
  • Real leather and imitation leather
  • Natural fibres, wood, paper

Technical Data

  • Electrical connection: 220 – 240 V AC
  • Power consumption: max. 1500 W
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Dimensions in mm (W x H x D): 610 x 780 (1070) x 430
  • Cable length hose package: 5 m
  • Gas flow: 40 – 80 l/min
  • Gas types: compressed air, nitrogen, other gas types on request


How is the PlasmaBrush PB3 integration controlled?
For easy handling, operation is possible with optionally available remote control. Alternatively, operation also works via a higher-level system control.
Which materials can be processed?
Basically, all materials can be treated with the PlasmaBrush PB3 Integration. Conductive materials can be treated particularly effectively due to the transfer of the arc.
What is the temperature of the generated plasma?
The temperature distribution within the plasma flame is between 200 degrees and goes up to 1000 degrees. It differs greatly depending on the nozzle used.
What are the operating modes for the PlasmaBrush PB3 Integration?
For ordinary surface activation or fine cleaning to increase the wettability of a surface, the diffuse mode of operation is suitable, in which the plasma interacts with the substrate surface without any further measures. If one wants to remove an organic layer on the substrate, a so-called cathodic cleaning by means of a transferred arc is suitable. By grounding the substrate, the nozzle no longer acts as the cathode, but the substrate itself. Due to the greatly increased intensity of the treatment, thin layers of paint, for example, can be removed.
Is it possible to overtreat the surface?
Eine Überbehandlung der Oberfläche ist möglich, allerdings können thermische Beschädigungen der Oberfläche durch Abstand und Relativgeschwindigkeit ausgeglichen werden.
Can the device be used on all materials?
Basically, all materials can be treated with the PlasmaBrush PB3 Integration. Conductive materials can be treated particularly effectively due to the transfer of the arc.


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