Piezoelectric Direct Discharge Technology – PDD Technology®

Plasma Technology: Piezoelectric direct discharge technology

Plasma Technology: Piezoelectric direct discharge technology

Relyon Plasma has developed PDD Technology® specially for plasma generation which is particularly compact. PDD (Piezoelectric Direct Discharge) is based on direct electrical discharge with a piezoelectric transformer (PT) which is operated openly.

With maximum efficiency, a low input voltage is transformed in such a way that very high electrical field strengths are created and the ambient process gas, typically air, is dissociated and ionised. In the case of PDD, the gas temperature in the plasma volume is typically at ambient temperature 300,+20 K. Electron densities of approx. 1014 and 1016 m-3 are achieved. In this way, PDD produces a typical “cold” non-equilibrium plasma.

The properties of PDD therefore open up a multitude of application possibilities. PDD devices are used in medical research for germ reduction, odour reduction and in microbiology.

Typical industrial applications include surface activation for the optimisation of wetting and bonding properties in the case of plastics, e.g. in printing, coating and bonding processes.

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