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New applications for piezobrush® PZ2

The new nozzles for piezobrush PZ2 enable applications which were not possible with the standard version of this product. Treatment of metals, smaller and more precise applications and the use of a variety of special gases enhance the possibilities of the Piezo-Technology!

Activation of metals

Activation of Metals with piezobrush PZ2

Activation of Metals

The new Nearfield Nozzle for conductive materials

With the Nearfield Nozzle metals and other conductive substrates can now be treated. A glass inlet forms a dielectric barrier and changes the type of discharge. Direct discharges, which can damage either the substrate or the device, are now eliminated and the power is distributed uniformly over the treatment area.

This allows, for example, printing on materials which at normal conditions form poor bonds with the ink. An example is an anodized aluminum and polyethylene composite material (Alu-Dibond®).

cross-cut test patterns

The cross-cut test on these patterns was realized immediately after the ink’s application. Although the ink was barely cured, the effect can be clearly recognized.
A short treatment of the probe on the right showed already distinctive better results!

Activation in the medical Technology

The new Multigas Nozzle

The new Multigas Nozzle for small components and different plasmagases

This nozzle inlet allows the treatment of very fine structures. Fine undercuts, cases or holes can be treated where the regular nozzle failed. On the other hand, processes which were previously impossible with plasmagases as air or nitrogen can be implemented with the use of the multigas technology.

To treat Teflon (PTFE) a plasmagas with a special composition is used. In our example small Teflon inner coated catheters are successfully treated.

degree of wetting

The picture shows the different degree of wetting of the catheter on the basis of capillary forces. It could therefore be achieved an improvement of over 300%!
(The magnification of the two pictures is different. Decisive is the number of diagonals).

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