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Webinar: Plasma in dentistry

Due to the relocation of the IDS, the world’s leading international trade fair for the dental industry, relyon plasma organized webinars to present the topic of plasma in dentistry.

Plasma in the dental lab

Agenda: plasma in the dental lab

04:00 p.m.IntroductionDr. Stefan Nettesheim
Managing director relyon plasma GmbH
04:10 p.m.Introduction plasma handheld device piezobrush® PZ3 in the dental labCorinna Little
Application engineer relyon plasma GmbH
04:30 p.m.Live Applications from the dental lab: Over 7 years of plasma experience in dental technologyAlexander Weber
Highfield Laboratory
05:00 p.m.Presentation of research projectsDr. Eva Brandes
relyon plasma GmbH
05:20 p.m.Questions and answersAll

Plasma and implants

Agenda: plasma and implants

04:00 p.m.IntroductionDr. Stefan Nettesheim
Managing director relyon plasma GmbH
04:10 p.m.The implaPrep concept for plasma activation of dental implantsFlorian Freund
Head of research and development relyon plasma GmbH
04:30 p.m.Increasing the surface energy of implants in a dental office. Benefits and practical guidance. Jan Willem Vaartjes
Vice-president of the Royal Dutch Association of Dentists (KNMT)
04:50 p.m.Multimodal Therapy Using Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Multi-tissue RegenerationProf. Fei Tan
Shanghai East Hospital
05:10 p.m.Wetting analyses and topographic characterization of cold-plasma-modified dental implantsMarius Behnecke
Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences
05:30 p.m.Bioactivation of implants by cold plasma – a new way in dental
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf Smeets
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
05:50 p.m.Questions and answersAll


Increasing the surface energy of implants in a dental office

Jan Willem Vaartjes

In the lecture “Increasing the surface energy of implants” Jan Willem Vaartjes reports on advantages and shows practical applications of plasma treatment: “Since 2017 we started with different methods to activate the implants to create a super hydrophilic surface. What do we know from the literature? What are the different methods and what did we learn. Since implants are already successful, does it really make a difference? In this presentation, I will try to answer these questions and also try to shed some light on future developments. “

Multimodal Therapy Using Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Multi-tissue Regeneration

Prof. Fei Tan

Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) is an emerging biomedical technology exemplified by its antimicrobial and anti-neoplastic potentials. On the other hand, acidic fibroblast growth factor (aFGF) has been a long-standing potent mitogen for cells from various origins. In this study, we are the first to develop a multimodal treatment combining the aforementioned physicochemical and pharmacological treatments and investigated their individual and combined effects on wound healing, angiogenesis, neurogenesis, and osteogenesis.

Bioactivation of implants by cold plasma

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf Smeets

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf Smeets explains the comparison of the effects of cold plasma activation of implant surfaces with a chair-side procedure in practice.
Data collected regarding changes in physicochemical surface properties such as topography, roughness, surface chemistry and wettability) as well as cell responses such as cell attachment, morphology, viability, proliferation and cytotoxicity of murine osteoblast progenitor cells under standardized conditions in vitro will be presented.

Furthermore, relevant points regarding “purification” in the sense of removal of carbon metabolites, increase of surface energy and wettability of implant surfaces will be discussed. As an outlook, questions such as whether cold plasma activation could optimize osseointegration and/or peri-implant soft tissue attachment or whether cold plasma devices could be helpful tools for the dentist/implantologist in complex cases such as immediate loading or compromised patients will be addressed.


If you have any questions about about plasma in dentistry industry or plasma in general, please feel free to contact us at any time:

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We are already looking forward to welcoming you at our IDS booth in September in Cologne!

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