Plasmabehandlung von Zirkoniumdioxid-Implantaten

Plasma in dental technology

The piezobrush® PZ3 handheld plasma unit is used in dental technology and dentistry.

Fields of application

  • Surface pretreatment of dental prostheses, abutments or crowns prior to coating or bonding
  • Surface pretreatment before surface
  • Intermediate and final cleaning of prosthetic work

Possible applications

◊ Bonding of abutments and prosthetics
◊ Improved adhesion between acrylics, metals and ceramics
◊ Improved shade appearance and shortened process times for surface denibbing and shade individualization
◊ Replacement of chemical primers by plasma
◊ Improved durability of veneers, e.g. made of chrome cobalt molybdenum

I use the piezobrush® PZ3 plasma handheld unit to clean and activate all surfaces before applying primer, bonder or stains.Hans Beat Renggli - CEO REHA Zahntechnik
REHA Zahntechnik Renggli

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