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Surface treatment of glass

The surface treatment of glass with plasma technology has been established in practice for many years. Without pre-treatment glass has a typical surface energy of 47mN/m. After plasma treatment, the surface energy increases significantly. Treatment with the high-power plasma system plasmabrush PB3 achieves a surface energy of >72mN/m and with the handheld plasma unit piezobrush PZ2 a surface energy of >67mN/n. Test inks according to DIN ISO 8296 were used for the test.

Application example: bonding glass

A typical application example is bonding glass. The following table shows the improvement of the average adhesive strength after plasma treatment compared to untreated glass substrates.

Substrate Adhesive Treatment Average



Epoxy glue

none 1,46 N/mm² 0,43
Glass Epoxy glue piezobrush 5,43 N/mm² 0,37 >3,7 times
Glass All-purpose
none 2,80 N/mm² 0,62
Glass All-purpose
piezobrush 3,85N/mm² 0,49 >1,3 times
Glass Windscreen
adhesive (PU)
none 0,23 N/mm² 0,02
Glass Windscreen
adhesive (PU)
piezobrush 0,85 N/mm² 0,04 >3,5 times

*Standard deviation

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