Plasmabehandlung von Zirkoniumdioxid-Implantaten

Plasma treatment

Plasma treatment is the generic term for all plasma processes used in surface treatment, such as plasma cleaning, plasma activation, plasma etching or plasma coating. The plasma systems of relyon plasma are atmospheric pressure plasma systems, which focus on plasma cleaning and plasma activation.

Here, plasma cleaning is the main focus in the industrial processing of metals, plastics and inorganic materials. This involves the removal of the finest impurities and contamination originating from previous process steps. This is called industrial ultra-fine cleaning. This process step is particularly important when the materials are prepared for a further manufacturing process such as printing, bonding or painting. The quality of the subsequent process here depends very much on the purity of the substrate. Therefore, plasma is a standard process in industrial production, which is established in the automotive, printing or semiconductor industry due to its easy integration and automation.

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