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PS2000 high voltage source

The power supply PS2000 is a high voltage power source for plasma generation. It is the central part of an atmospheric plasma system used to treat technical surfaces and materials. It is typically applied for surface activation prior to molding, coating casting, printing etc. The power supply is designed to be rack mounted (19inch standard) and to drive the Relyon PB3 atmospheric plasma generator. Therefore, the subsystem consisting of the power supply, the connecting cable and the plasma generator will be considered here.

The PS2000 High voltage source optimised for Pulsed Atmospheric Arc Technology (PAA Technology®). Due to the use of a unipolar pulsed high voltage, the arc is prevented from stabilising at “hot spots” in the nozzle. The latest IGBT switching technology and the use of high quality high voltage components ensure that the source is extremely reliable and e cient. Overloading is also not possible in continuous 24/7 operation. In the event of cable damage or short circuiting during critical operations the control unit intercepts all power fluctuations safely.

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