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Product change notification for the power source PS2000 (19″)

We hereby inform you that the power source PS2000 (19″), which is used in conjunction with the PlasmaBrush PB3, has been further developed. The new version has a display on which the output values for plasma generation can be read. The display values appear one after the other in pairs with a display duration of 3 seconds each.

The article number has changed. Please take the new number into account for future orders.

Product designationOld article numberNew article number
Power source PS2000 (19″)7912000179120002

The change will take effect from 1st March, 2024. The old power sources will then no longer be available.

The device is completely downward compatible. In the event of a defect or replacement, devices with the article number 79120001 can be easily replaced by devices with the article number 79120002.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info-relyon@tdk.com at any time.

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