Plasma in der Zahnarztpraxis

Plasma in the dental practice

The dental practice Dr. Reichermeier & Dr. Hardt from Regen uses piezobrush® PZ3 plasma in the dental practice on the one hand for the mounting of dental prostheses such as crowns, bridges and veneers and on the other hand for the treatment of implant surfaces.

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In the dental practice of Dr. Reichermeier & Dr. Hardt, we have been using the piezobrush PZ3 handheld device from relyon plasma since March 2021. The surface cleaning and the associated significantly improved wettability of the surfaces are clearly evident in daily use.Dr. Reichermeier - Dentists Regen

Treatment of implant surfaces

The two videos below clearly show the difference in the wettability of the implants. While the implant without plasma is super hydrophobic, the plasma treated implant is super hydrophilic. The surface is wetted with PRGF (activated patient’s own platelets) for tissue stimulation and accelerated regeneration.

Without plasma treatment

After plasma treatment

We observed that the sterile titanium surface of implants appears many times more hydrophilic after plasma treatment than the untreated titanium implant. Blood wets the surface immediately after contact in the surgical area. We were able to integrate the simple and short plasma irradiation into the respective workflows without any problems.Dr. Reichermeier

Mounting of dental prostheses – crowns, bridges, veneers

We treat the respective ceramic or metal surface with plasma before the fixed insertion of the denture. In this way, we establish better wetting and flow behavior of the different materials. The aim is to achieve an even better bond between the tooth and the material and thus to further increase the longevity of the restorations.

Plasma in the dental practice: Mounting of dental prostheses - crowns, bridges, veneers

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