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High voltage source PS2000

The high voltage source PS2000 is part of an atmospheric pressure plasma generator which is used for atmospheric plasma treatment or pretreatment of various material surfaces.

PS2000 is optimised for Pulsed Atmospheric Arc Technology (PAA Technology®). Due to the use of a unipolar pulsed high voltage, the arc is prevented from stabilising at “hot spots” in the nozzle. The latest IGBT switching technology and the use of high quality high voltage components ensure that the source is extremely reliable and effcient. Overloading is also not possible in continuous 24/7 operation. In the event of cable damage or short circuiting during critical operations the control unit intercepts all power fluctuations safely.

The capability of the PS2000 is particularly reflected in the fact that it can operate with variable loads and can effectively pump loads within a large potential range of up to > 12 kV. This special feature ensures continuous ignition performance across a wide power range and for different process gases. The high voltage source is switchable in a range of milliseconds at full load and therefore optimised for timed processes where highly precise timing is beneficial. All communication is based on reliable and fast CAN bus. Even in the event of a fault, the communication remains active. Integration into each automated production plant is simple and standardised, even in the case of several high voltage sources.

high voltage source

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