Plasmabrush PB3 High Power Plasma Systems

Plasmabrush® PB3

High-performance systems: Atmospheric plasma system PB3 and PS2000

Plasmabrush® PB3 – High Power Plasma System

Our Plasmabrush PB 3 is a high power plasma system with Pulsed Atmospheric Arc Technology, for applications that require high performance and rapid processes. Perfectly coordinated components in robust industrial design: 19-inch high power voltage supply PS2000 and plasma generator PB3, connected through a flexible 10m cable for easy integration into every facility.

Thanks to many years of experience in arc load dynamics, fluid mechanics and power electronics, we have developed an atmospheric plasma system which is unique concerning its power density and function. Easy integration into industrial processes and ability to communicate were at the focus throughout the entire development of this universally applicable plasma unit.

Whether in precision cleaning or surface activation, whether in coating or sterilization processes: Our system fits every process environment – secure and reliable.



Field of applications

  • Automotive sector
  • Printers and printing industry
  • Packaging industry


  • Ultrafine cleaning
  • Reduction of oxide layers
  • Surface functionalization
  • Pre-activation for bonding, sealing, casting or printing
  • Coating, laminating and sealing
  • Germ reduction and sterilization


  • Compact Design
  • Easy Integration
  • Suitable for compressed air, nitrogen and other gases
  • Variable Power
  • High start-stop dynamics
  • Maximum operating reliability


Manifold application options for high power plasma systems

Manifold application options for high power plasma systems

Our plasma system can be adapted to fit process requirements spot-on through a wide variety of accessories. Thus, the quality of your processes and products can be optimized at minimal cost. You only use the components you really need. All components are coordinated perfectly and have been through extensive stress tests. This simplifies maintenance and servicing, and availability is ensured on the shortest possible time scale.

We have consciously adapted our high voltage power supply PS2000 to the independent industrial standard of CanOpen, which makes exceedingly reliable communication possible even under the more severe circumstances an industrial environment can bring about.

A great number of sensors or mass flow controllers operate using the same standard. Every prevalent industrial control worldwide provides a suitable interface. Up to 127 devices can be addressed via CAN node. Every PS2000 high power source can be controlled with a simple DIP switch in the address space of 0 to 99.


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