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New nickel-plated A250, A350 and A450 nozzles

The surface of the A250, A350 and A450 nozzles used in conjunction with the plasmabrush® PB3 will be nickel-plated in the future. This will prevent the formation of a loosely attached copper oxide layer which leads to a nozzle improvement. Our investigations showed no change in the process parameters current, voltage, power, plasma and nozzle temperature, activation area and service life due to the nickel plating.

Comparison of new and old nozzles
Fig. 1. Comparison of the new nickel-plated copper nozzles (see above) and the old copper nozzles (see below). Left: nozzle A250, middle: nozzle A350, right: nozzle A450.

The example of nozzle A250 shows that the surface of the nickel-plated nozzles is intact even after a duration of more than 390 hours (see below). This prevents contamination of the samples by oxide residues.

Nickel-plated nozzle A250 after
Fig. 2. Nickel-plated A250 nozzle after running for more than 390 hours.

The nozzles have new article numbers:

Product designationOld article numberNew article number
plasmabrush® PB3 nozzle A25010002425001000242501
plasmabrush® PB3 nozzle A35010006007001000600701
plasmabrush® PB3 nozzle A4507870720078707201

Tab. 1. The new nickel-plated copper nozzles, which will be offered starting in February.

The change will take effect from 01 February 2021. Orders placed before this date will not be affected. The previous nozzle models will only be available on special request from 01 February 2021.

You can find the product change notice here.

Use of A250, A350 and A450 nozzles

The nozzles are suitable for different applications and fulfil various optimization parameters:

Nozzle A250Nozzle A350Nozzle A450
Nickel-plated nozzle A250Nickel-plated nozzle A350Nickel-plated nozzle A450
Fields of applicationSurface cleaning, surface activationSurface cleaning, surface activation Surface cleaning, surface activation
OptimizationFor electric potential-free processesFor sensitive materialsFor high process speeds
More informationTo the data sheetTo the data sheetTo the data sheet
Tab. 2. Overview of the application areas and the optimization parameters of the nozzles

If you have any questions about the product change, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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