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Nozzle A450

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Nozzle A450

for plasmabrush® systems

Different nozzles are available for the plasmabrush® PB3, the plasmatool and the plasmacell.

The A450 nozzle is designed for the following applications:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Surface activation
  • Thermal treatment and reactive coating
  • Optimized for high process speeds
  • Application example: Removal of oxide and paint layers on metals
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The nozzle A450 is one of five different nozzles for the plasma system plasmabrush®. All nozzles are high performance nozzles powered by a Pulsed Atmospheric Arc (PAA®) plasma generator (PG31) and pulsed high voltage power supply (PS2000). The copper nozzles are the standard nozzles of the plasmabrush.

The nozzles perform the following tasks:

  • Focusing of the plasma flame
  • Grounded cathode for the high power arc
  • Formation of the cavity to excite the process gas

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