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PlasmaBrush PB3

High power system

The PlasmaBrush PB3 is our high-performance plasma system for all inline processes in industrial and high-speed applications. Due to the variety of applications, this system has to be configured individually. Please contact us to configure the system.

The PlasmaBrush PB3 set consists of

  • PS2000 power source (19″) – power source for operating a plasma generator PG-31
  • HV connection cable (9 m) – connecting cable between PS2000 power source and plasma generator PG-31
  • PB3 plasma generator PG-31 (1 m) – Industrial plasma generator
  • Nozzle – to adapt the plasma generator PG-31 to different application and temperature ranges
  • Electrode with O-ring
  • Communication via CAN-BUS

Optionally available:

  • Gas supply package
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Communication package selectable: USB, Any BUS solutions
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The PlasmaBrush PB3 is our high-performance plasma system for all in-line processes in industrial and high-speed applications. The PlasmaBrush PB3 is used in many different applications in the automotive, packaging and printing industries. Here, the focus is particularly on plasma cleaning and surface activation. This is especially useful for preparing the products for further downstream processes such as gluing, painting or printing.

The PlasmaBrush is a combination of a particularly compact and long-term stable plasma generator in nozzle form, a unipolar pulsed high voltage source and a vortex flow in the nozzle. The perfectly matched components in robust industrial design are perfectly suited for easy integration into any system.

Selected field reports can be found on our reference page.

Application examples:

  • Activation before bonding, sealing, potting and printing
  • Fine cleaning
  • Removal of oxide layers
  • Surface functionalization
  • Coating, Laminating, Sealing
  • Print preparation

For further information about PlasmaBrush PB3 please visit the product page PlasmaBrush PB3.

Additional information

Gas connection

6 mm

Treatment speed

0,1 – 2 m/s

Typical treatment distance

10 – 25 mm


Beschreibung / DescriptionSprache / LanguageDownload
Plasma Generator PG31 BetriebsanleitungDEBetriebsanleitung
Plasma Generator PG31 ManualENManual
Plasma Generator PG31 ManualESManual
Plasma Generator PG31 ManualFRManual
Plasma Generator DüsenwechselDEDüsenwechsel
Plasma Generator Nozzles ManualENNozzles Manual
PlasmaBrush PB3 FlyerDEFlyer
PlasmaBrush PB3 Paper zu UV-EmissionenENPaper

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