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Rental unit

PiezoBrush PZ3-i

The rental unit PiezoBrush PZ3-i contains:

  • Plasma generator/integration unit (consisting of driver unit and module carrier)
  • Connecting cable between driver unit and module carrier (length 0.3 m)
  • Mounting screws (2 pieces M3x30, 1 piece M3x6)
  • Connecting cables DC and communication
  • Two different modules: available are the modules Standard, Nearfield, Multigas, Needle and Nerafield Needle

Please select the start and end date of the rental period in the calendar. The minimum rental period is two weeks, the maximum rental period is six weeks.


500,00  / 15 days

Clear dates

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We will send you the PiezoBrush PZ3-i for a rental fee so you can test the integration unit at your site in your individual working environment.

The PiezoBrush PZ3-i cold plasma unit is designed for integration into new and existing production lines and is therefore compact, safe and efficient. It is particularly well suited for the pre-treatment of processes such as bonding, printing and laminating, thus ensuring process and product quality in equal measure. Due to its uniquely compact and robust design, the PiezoBrush PZ3-i can be quickly and easily integrated into production lines as well as partially to fully automated systems. In addition, comprehensive process control is possible in automated production processes, ensuring traceability. The device is also intuitive to operate and can be maintained without tools.

Application examples:

  • Activation of surfaces of a wide variety of base materials
  • Optimization of bonding, printing and lamination processes
  • Surface treatment of plastics, glasses, ceramics, metals, composites and natural materials
  • Selective improvement of the wettability of a wide variety of surfaces
  • Fine cleaning of surfaces
  • Alternative to chemical primers, flame treatment processes and mechanical roughening

Detailed product information can be found on the product page PiezoBrush PZ3-i.


Additional information


110 g

Typische Behandlungsbreite:

5 – 29 mm


Betriebsanleitung PiezoBrush PZ3MLBetriebsanleitung
Broschüre PiezoBrush PZ3DEBroschüre
Flyer PiezoBrush DEFlyer
Vergleich PiezoBrush PZ2 und PiezoBrush PZ3DEFlyer
Whitepaper: Operation Principle and CharacteristicsENWhitepaper
Whitepaper: Ozone controlENWhitepaper
Flyer - PiezoBrush PZ3 im DentallaborDEFlyer
Flyer - PiezoBrush PZ3 in the dental labENFlyer
Whitepaper PiezoBrush PZ3: endurance test for standard moduleENWhitepaper
Aufbauanleitung PZ3 Stativ / Assembly instruction PZ3 standMLAufbauanleitung PZ3 Stativ / Assembly instruction PZ3 stand

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