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piezobrush® PZ3

Plasma handheld unit

The piezobrush® PZ3 plasma handheld unit is the basic unit for manual surface treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma.

Please note that the device is only functional in combination with one of the two modules.

Included in the piezobrush® PZ3 plasma handheld unit:

  • Plasma handheld piezobrush® PZ3 with plug-in power supply in transport case without exchange modules

Delivery time: 3 - 4 weekdays

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The piezobrush® PZ3 was developed as a compact plasma handheld device for use in laboratories, pre-development and assembly of small series. With a maximum power consumption of 18 W, the Piezoelectric Direct Discharge (PDD®) technology is used to generate cold active plasma with a low temperature. The heart of this portable plasma device is the TDK piezo plasma generator CeraPlas™ – a high-voltage discharge device for generating cold atmospheric-pressure plasma. Atmospheric-pressure plasma is used for highly efficient increase of surface energy on many materials and for germ and odor reduction.

Selected field reports can be found on our reference page.

Application examples:

◊ Activation and functionalization of surfaces of various materials
◊ Improvement of the wettability
◊ Optimization of gluing, painting, printing and coating processes
◊ Surface treatment of plastics, glass, ceramics, metals, semiconductors, natural fibers and composites
Ultra-fine cleaning and odor reduction

Detailed product information can be found on the product page piezobrush® PZ3.

Additional information

Electrical connection:

110-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Power consumption:

max. 18 W


110 g

Plasma temperature:

< 50 °C

Treatment speed:

5 cm²/s

Typical treatment distance:

2 – 10 mm

Typical treatment width:

5 – 29 mm


Betriebsanleitung piezobrush® PZ3MLBetriebsanleitung
Broschüre piezobrush® PZ3DEBroschüre
Flyer piezobrush® PZ3 DEFlyer
Vergleich piezobrush® PZ2 und piezobrush® PZ3DEFlyer
Whitepaper: Operation Principle and CharacteristicsENWhitepaper
Whitepaper: Ozone controlENWhitepaper
Flyer - piezobrush® PZ3 im DentallaborDEFlyer
Flyer - piezobrush® PZ3 in the dental labENFlyer
Whitepaper piezobrush® PZ3: endurance test for standard moduleENWhitepaper
Aufbauanleitung PZ3 Stativ / Assembly instruction PZ3 standMLAufbauanleitung PZ3 Stativ / Assembly instruction PZ3 stand

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