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relyon plasma @ InPrint

relyon plasma auf der InPrint 2019 in München. Plasmasysteme für die industrielle Fertigung.

InPrint, the international trade fair for printing technology for use in industrial production, will open its doors in Munich from 12 to 14 November 2019. Relyon plasma will present plasma solutions for industrial printing for the first time this year in the new exhibitor pavilion on booth 850b.

Pre-treatment with plasma before printing has established itself as a standard process. It is used in all common printing processes such as digital printing, pad printing, screen or offset printing. The adhesion of printing inks and varnishes to the surface is enormously improved by pre-treatment with plasma and thus print quality increases significantly. The surfaces of many materials such as metals, glass, ceramics and even natural materials such as wood and textiles are often very difficult to print on, but are susceptible to plasma functionalisation. Plasma pre-treatment allows many polymers with typical “non-stick” surfaces to be successfully printed and coated after plasma treatment.

Beyond Corona – Atmospheric Plasma treatment for improved adhesion

Every day at 10.15 a.m. and at 2.15 a.m. relyon plasma will give a lecture “Beyond Corona – Atmospheric Plasma treatment for improved adhesion” at the presentation area at the new exhibitor pavilion. Certain surfaces pose challenges for print processes that can only be resolved by surface pre-treatment. Atmospheric pressure plasma provides the advantages of a corona treatment but achieves higher surface energies for example on polyolefin based materials. Moreover plasma treatment is suitable for complex geometries and conductive materials as well as electronic components and printed circuit boards. This technology is already well established in different branches of industry to improve processes like gluing, potting, coating, etc., oftentimes replacing chemical primers for a more efficient production with lower environmental impact.

The field of application ranges from the pre-treatment of cables and pipes for subsequent label printing to the pre-treatment of glass surfaces for digital printing and integration into 3D printing.

With relyon plasma we have found a partner with whom we can implement customer solutions very quickly and easily. In particular, it is about surface treatment of various plastics, which are inscribed with our continuous inkjet systems (CodeRevo, CodeCube XL, CodeCreator, CodeCenter).Andreas Fogy – Geschäftsführer A-L-F Kennzeichnungstechnik GmbH

InPrint conference

At the concurrent conference, Corinna Little will give a presentation on November 13 at 3 p.m. on the topic: Plasma technology in 3D printing for improved adhesion. 3D printing as a young technology is continuously on the lookout for improvements and innovations. One is the combination of plasma technology and 3D printing. The plasma handheld piezobrush from relyon plasma GmbH is used for bonding individual parts to large components and for improving adhesion in the fused filament fabrication (fff-fdm) process. This allows up to three times the strength of the bonded joints to be achieved without the use of environmentally harmful chemical primers.

Visit us at booth 850b

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    The exhibition is an important platform for the exchange of ideas and innovative thinking, for the joint development of concrete solutions, for valuable partnerships and new business. InPrint Munich 2019 is designed to bring providers of printing technology, components, systems and services together with the manufacturing industry, its subcontractors and integrators. The event is the leading platform for an emerging community of printing and industrial manufacturing specialists, offering enormous business potential for both providers of printing technology as well as for the industrial production sector.

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