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piezobrush® PZ3-i (without modules)


piezobrush® PZ3-i
(without modules)

Compact plasma integration

The compact plasma integration piezobrush® PZ3-i is suitable for integration into production lines and thus for automated surface treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma.

Please note that the device is only functional in combination with one of the five modules.

Included in this piezobrush® PZ3-i package:

  • Plasma generator/integration unit (consisting of driver unit and module carrier)
  • Connecting cable between driver unit and module carrier (length o.3 m)
  • Mounting screws (2 pieces M3x30, 1 piece M3x6)

Not included:

  • Power supply unit/power supply
  • Connecting cables DC and communication (to be ordered separately)
  • Exchangeable modules (Module Standard and Module Nearfield can be ordered separately)

Delivery time: 1 week

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The plasma integration piezobrush® PZ3-i was developed for integration into new and existing production lines. Based on Piezoelectric Direct Discharge (PDD®) technology, the plasma device generates cold-active plasma. The plasma solution has been designed to be particularly compact, safe and energy efficient. By using atmospheric pressure plasma, the surface energy on many materials is increased, improving wettability.

Application examples:

Inkjet, marking, and pad printing
◊ Dispensing technology, e.g. for housing bonding
◊ Adhesive bonding and labeling applications in the
laboratory and medical technology
◊ Laminating processes, e.g. in packaging technology
◊ Optimization of adhesive bonding processes
◊ Targeted improvement of wettability
◊ Alternative to chemical primers, flaming
processes, chemical and mechanical roughening
◊ Microbiology, microfluid and food technology

Detailed product information can be found on the product page.

Additional information

Electrical connection

24 V DC


40 x 157 x 71 mm


380 g (industrial metal housing)

Plasma gas temperature

< 50 °C

Process control

Communication interface,
status monitoring

Typical treatment speed

1 – 15 mm/s (fine cleaning),
10 -150 mm/s (bonding),
100 – 1500 mm/s (printing)

Typiscal treatment distance

2 – 10 mm

Typical treatment width

5 – 29 mm (compressed air), up to 50 mm
(nitrogen), modularly expandable

Activation efficiency

90 m²/kWh


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