Whitepaper piezobrush® PZ3

Surface treatment of 3D bodies

Sihl GmbH uses the piezobrush® PZ3 handheld plasma device for the surface treatment of complex 3D bodies. Pre-treatment with plasma increases the surface energy of the products and leads to better coatability.

We use the piezobrush PZ3 handheld unit within our R&D. Especially in the area of surface treatment of complex 3D bodies, we were able to quickly achieve success in coating barrier lacquers that would not have been possible without increasing the surface tension.Arthur Reiners - R&D / laboratory manager

The compactness and ease of use of the piezobrush PZ3 in particular convinced the developers in R&D. “What is helpful about the hand-held device is the simple and uncomplicated operation,” says Arthur Reiners, laboratory manager at Sihl.

Surface treatment of 3D bodies

About Sihl GmbH

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