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Polyether ether ketone (PEEK)

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is an engineering thermoplastic resistant to high temperatures, with its melting point at 335 °C (635 °F). Up until 280°C (540°F), PEEK is resistant against hydrolysis and almost every organic or inorganic chemical. PEEK can be formed by injection molding in its liquid state or via extrusion.

With a surface energy of 46mN/m, PEEK has a relatively low surface energy. Therefore, a plasma treatment is carried out before bonding in order to increase this and to strengthen the adhesion.

  • Automotive and aerospace industry
  • High voltage industry (as an insulating material)
  • Medical technology (as it can be sterilized repeatedly and is biocompatible as well as x-ray transparent)
  • In dental compound materials as a matrix
  • In pharmaceutics and food technology (in production facilities for components with product contact)
  • Flexible film circuit carriers in electronics
  • Vacuum technology, for very low outgassing rates
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