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Plasma treatment of cables

Dieter Braun GmbH offers its customers integrated solutions in the field of cable assembly and lighting technology. In the competence area of moulding and encapsulation of cables and wires, Dieter Braun GmbH uses our high-performance plasma system plasmabrush PB3. Mr. Jürgen Späthe, who works in technology and equipment procurement, reports in the following about the application of plasma treatment for cables and pipes before moulding and encapsulation.

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Our services as a cable assembler include the potting and encapsulation of cables and wires for plugging in or sealing. Also in this area, the requirements on the end product are increasing with regarding tightness and adhesion. More and more often, the insulation has to be plasma-cleaned in order to fulfil the later function or customer requirements. H. Jürgen Späthe
Plasmabehandlung von Kabeln vor dem Umspritzen
Umspritztes Kabel
With relyon plasma GmbH, we have found a partner who can contribute quickly and professionally to providing solutions.
In the pictures shown, a high surface tension was required in order to achieve good material adhesion and thus tightness of the assembly. H. Jürgen Späthe

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