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Plasma in lightweight construction

In lightweight construction, it is particularly important that not only the materials but also the connections between the individual components are weight-optimized. Therefore, structural bonding is particularly suitable for the joining technology. This is because, unlike screws and rivets, they contribute only marginally to the overall weight. In order to make these bondings particularly durable and resilient, also for safety reasons, plasma in lightweight construction is often used to optimize processes and quality.

For this reason, the piezobrush® PZ2 handheld plasma device is also used by capricorn COMPOSITE GmbH.

Plasma in lightweight construction

capricorn COMPOSITE are not only experts for the development and production of fibre composite components. They also use high-quality prepreg-autoclave technology to produce serial and prototype parts for the automotive industry, motor sports, medical engineering and aviation.

The piezobrush® PZ2 is mainly used for structural bonding of lightweight components. From a technical point of view, the very simple and flexible application is particularly outstanding. In lightweight construction, a previous plasma treatment results in a significant improvement in the adhesion of the pretreated surfaces. This is especially important for materials with low surface energy.

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