Vorbehandeln für Druck und Benetzbarkeit

Plasma in industrial printing

Ritzi Industriedrucktechnik GmbH accompanies customers from medical technology, automotive and building services engineering sectors from the development stage right through to the finished print product. The common printing processes screen, digital and pad printing are used. In industrial printing, plasma is used to optimise the surface properties before printing in order to increase the adhesion of ink and accordingly the print quality.

Ritzi Industriedrucktechnik GmbH uses the plasma handheld device piezobrush for the pre-treatment of PEI in industrial printing.
On the difficult plastic PEI (polyetherimide), we were able to achieve outstanding adhesion properties with the piezobrush and all this even inline. The production process could be streamlined and significantly accelerated.Marius Ritzi - Ritzi Industriedrucktechnik GmbH

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