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Customer reference: ZENSO Electronics

Customer reference: ZENSO Electronics

Zenso Electronics

ZENSO is a contractor specializing in Medical Device design and development and has been using the piezobrush® PZ3 for this purpose for some time. A user feedback:

Confronted with an adhesion problem between a medical-grade SEBS elastomer and a tried and tested adhesive, we first looked into primers and secondly tested several different adhesives. None of the trialed products increased the bond strength in a significant way.

We found relyon plasma while investigating surface treatments and the various devices currently available on the market.  After discussing the case with them, we chose to rent the piezobrush® PZ3 for our investigation.  The small size of the piezobrush® PZ3 range was also of interest to us. The results were immediate and very convincing.

Where all other options had failed, the piezobrush® PZ3 managed to increase adhesion to a good level at the lowest setting of 30% (exposure time of 7 seconds over a 12×9 mm area). Increasing the power resulted in even higher bond strength, with the highest setting yielding an impressive bond.
We decided to also trial the piezobrush® PZ3 on a 2-part IP65 rated electronics enclosure.  Although we achieve sufficient bond strength in this case, the adhesive is a specialty product that we would like to change. Again, the results were impressive.

The decision to buy the piezobrush® PZ3 was a no-brainer.  Its performance is excellent, it is well built, easy to use and its design is ergonomic and thoughtful (e.g., changing the screen orientation to landscape is very handy while using the pen horizontally).  Furthermore, the people at relyon plasma are very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

ZENSO Electronics, www.zenso.be
The piezobrush® PZ3 has been designed as a compact plasma handheld device for use in laboratories, predevelopment and assembly of small series. 
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