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Evaluation of the UV emission of a pulsed atmospheric arc plasma beam

Authors: Dr. Stefan Nettesheim

Date: March 2024


The publication deals with the assessment of the UV emission of a pulsed atmospheric plasma jet, using the example of the PG-31 plasma generator, which is part of the PlasmaBrush PB3 atmospheric plasma system. The aim is to provide a basic understanding of ultraviolet radiation and at the same time to provide guidelines for safe operation in typical industrial and laboratory applications. The paper considers various strategies to mitigate UV exposure, including monitoring, engineering controls, adjustment of operating parameters and personal protective equipment. The operation of an atmospheric plasma jet and UV emissions are analyzed, taking into account factors such as gas composition and electrode material. The effect of protective covers on UV exposure is also discussed.

UV emission
UV light exposure card


The investigations show that the UV emissions of the PlasmaBrush PB3 system do not pose a safety risk in accordance with the ICNIRP guidelines at normal working distances. Recommendations are given for the safe operation of the system, emphasizing that working distances of less than 100 mm should be avoided. A transparent, uncolored polycarbonate protective cover provides complete protection from UVA/UVB radiation and is recommended for use with multiple plasma devices. In addition, the importance of protective covers with suction is emphasized as protection against unwanted contact and harmful gas emissions.

You can find the entire publication here.

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