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Protecno Ingenieria

Protecno Ingenieria

PROTECNO INGENIERIA® is a Colombian industrial sector company created on January 14, 2010. In order to provide the Country Industry with efficient solutions to the needs that arise in the production, assembly, maintenance and repair processes , under the premise of offering an excellent service, they are providing products with the highest quality standards and specialized technical advice. By doing so they are relying on the human talent of the team, who have extensive experience in different fields of action at the industrial level, in order to achieve a high customer satisfaction. For these purposes, as Experts, Protecno Ingenieria offers a complete line of industrial adhesives and sealants of the Made in Germany Products Brand KLEB-LOCK® Klebstoffe und Dichtungsmassen. Also, the team is specialized in Advanced Industrial Polymer Coatings for Surface Protection against Wear, Impact, Corrosion and Chemical Attack, and offers a Disruptive Product Line of Coatings by KLEB-LOCK® POLYMERS.

The Experience in surface treatment processes began with Soda Blasting, as the company was Pioneer in Colombia in this cleaning and surface treatment process at the industry, since then, they draw a path to become specialist in surface treatment technologies. Since 2021 the portfolio of the company is rounded off by plasma technology of relyon plasma.

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