plasmatool - Plasma Hochleistungs-Handgerät

plasmatool handheld device

The perfect tool for flexible and easy surface treatment in industrial environments.


Surface optimizing prior to gluing or printing is important. The plasmatool makes chemical primers or mechanical treatments unnecessary. Improved wettability and adhesive force can be achieved at components, which cannot be handled automatically due to size or mobility. The plasmatool is supplied by a single 230 V power source. An integrated air compressor supplies the plasma generator.
It can be used everywhere thanks to the trolley design. Two-handed operation and a signal lamp protect and warn the operators and third parties. The handling of the plasmatool is optimized for easy usage and maximum operator´s safety. No external gas supply has to be present. A completely autonomous air supply is integrated inside the device. The operator is independent of any compressed air supply.

Plasmatool – Plasma hand held tool
Plasmatool – Plasma hand held tool
Plasmatool – Plasma hand held tool


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Field of application

  • Railway construction
  • Aircraft / caravan construction
  • Treatment of very large components
  • Automotive
  • Handcraft

Possible applications

  • Removal of rust
  • Pre-treatment prior to the painting or varnishing process
  • Paint removal during repairs
  • Plasmaactivation
  • Plasmacleaning
  • Restoration
  • Maintenaince
  • Interior constructions


  • No size limitation of the parts to be treated
  • High mobility
  • Different processes / substrates / geometries
  • No PLC necessary
  • Stand-Alone unit, no compressed air or mass flow control required
  • Single person handling thanks to trolley design
  • Two-handed operation and signal lamp for advanced safety
  • Robust and easy to use
  • Only power outlet needed

Practice Example: Roding Automobile

Plasmatool bei Roding Automobile Roding Automobile GmbH is an innovative company in the field of lightweight construction and electromobility. They are particularly specialized in the development and production of CFRP lightweight structures for the automotive and aviation industries. Surface tension and the associated wettability of the material play an important role, especially in the areas of bonding and coating. With the help of the plasmatool, a highly efficient plasma hand tool for surface treatment, these parameters can be optimized quickly and easily.


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Technical Information

  • Electrical connection 220 – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Max. input current 6 A
  • Power consumption 1.300 W
  • Weight approx. 60 kg.
  • Plasma temperature few hundred – few thousand degrees
  • Typical treatment distance 5 – 20mm
  • Typical treatment width 10 – 25mm
  • Measurements 800 mm x 540 mm x 430 mm
  • Sound pressure level <60 dB (A) at a distance of 1 meter

The plasmatool as loan unit

Would you like to test the plasmatool? No problem – our plasmatool is also available on loan. We will send you the plasmatool for a rental fee and you can test the tool directly on your premises in your individual working environment.

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