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Product change notification for the PiezoBrush PZ3-i integration solution

The firmware for our product PiezoBrush PZ3-i has been further developed. All products with the article number 1000700001 are affected by this change with immediate effect.

To ensure reliable switch-on and switch-off states even at higher baud rates, the “Plasma ON” register has been supplemented by the “Plasma ACTIVE” register, which explicitly represents the plasma state of the device. The baud rate can now be changed by the customer using the CANopen commands themselves. This is implemented via the new “bit rate” register. The device is completely downwards compatible (TPDO and RPDO continue to provide the known values). In the event of a defect or replacement, devices with the old firmware can easily be replaced by devices with the new firmware.

piezobrush PZ3-i

Products with the older firmware version can still be used without any problems. The article number has not changed.

  • Product name: PiezoBrush PZ3-i
  • Aticle number: 1000700001

The change comes into effect immediately. Products with an older firmware version are no longer available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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