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Polyamide (PA)

Polyamide is commonly used as a term for synthetic thermoplastic materials suitable for technological applications. Polyamides are often used as construction materials due to their excellent firmness and ductility. They have good chemical resistance against organic solvents, but they are very susceptible to acids and oxidizing chemicals. Most non-fiber polyamides reach the market in form of plastic granulate and are processed via injection molding.

Surface energy and contact angle

Since polyamides are nonpolar materials, the surface energy of polyamides is relatively low. Therefore, the surface must be treated with plasma before subsequent processes such as painting, bonding or printing.

Material: Polyamide PA 6.6 nature Surface energy Contact angle H2O
Untreated 46,0 mN/m 75,0°
5 minutes after plasma treatment 68,5 mN/m 33,0°
1 hour after plasma treatment 68,5 mN/m 32,0°
2 hours after plasma treatment 68,5 mN/m 33,5°
4 hours after plasma treatment 68,0 mN/m 33,0°

The biggest part of the polyamides produced are used as synthetic fibers for textiles. Furthermore, the material is used to produce unbreakable household articles and technical parts which have to be abrasion-proof such as wall plugs, screws, casings, bearings, insulation components in electronic engineering, cable straps, adhesive sockets, joints for ambulance tents, kitchen utensils (e. g. dippers, spoons), machinery parts (covers, gears, bearings, rollers) and bristles for toothbrushes. Due to its resistance against lubricants and fuels at temperatures up to more than 150 °C (300 °F), it is also used in vehicle construction for motor components such as intake systems, fuel lines, motor shrouds, oil slumps and for compressed air systems like chassis and brakes. Their uniformly smooth surface makes polyamides very suitable suture material in surgery. Polyamide suture material can be knotted easily and is especially tension-proof.

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