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Peltier element

The Peltier element also known as thermoelectric cooling is an electrothermal transducer. Here, based on the Peltier effect, a temperature difference is generated when current flows through it or a current flow is generated when there is a temperature difference. Therefore, it can be used for both cooling and heating.

Schematic structure of a Peltier element
Schematic structure of a Peltier element

The basis for the Peltier effect is the contact of two semiconductors, n-conductor and p-conductor, which have a different energy level of the conduction bands. As soon as current is passed through two successive contact points of these materials, thermal energy must be absorbed at one contact point so that the electron reaches the energetically higher conduction band of the neighboring semiconductor material. This results in cooling. At the other contact point, the electron falls from a higher to a lower energy level, whereby energy is released in the form of heat.

At relyon plasma, the Peltier element is used for cooling in the DBD reactor.

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