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Donation instead of gifts

Instead of the usual gifts for our loyal customers and partners during the Christmas season, we decided to donate the budget for this purpose to a charitable organization this year. We issued the corresponding donation this week to “Rengschburger Herzen e.V.”, which supports people who are in need without any fault of their own.

Spenden statt Schenken
“Spenden statt Schenken” (“Donate, don’t buy presents”) is the German name of the charity campaign.

The charitable association from Regensburg has set itself the goal of offering quick and simple help to those who need it most. The “Rengschburger Herzen” help and support the socially weak, the homeless, the elderly, families with children, single parents, and home residents, providing support in an undiplomatic manner.

The entire association acts selflessly, which means that every euro received goes 1:1 to those in need. Within about three years, the association around initiator Arno Birkenfelder has built up a network of supporters that has accomplished a lot of good. For example, when the food banks, the “Strohhalm” and other facilities were closed at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, several tons of food were promptly given out on fixed dates to people in need who suddenly had no place to go.

This is an effort that the entire relyon plasma team would like to support with the donation. “Instead of giving our customers and partners a Christmas present, we would like to give them the feeling of having done something good,” as Managing Directors Klaus Forster and Dr. Stefan Nettesheim explained their joint decision.

Further Information

For further information on the work of „Rengschburger Herzen e.V.“ see https://rengschburgerherzen.de/  

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