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Suzhou Industrial Consultancy Co. Ltd.

ZMC, as we are now known, stands for Zengshin Manufacturing Consultants when it was first founded in 1984 by four entrepreneurial professionals. “Zengshin”, which means “Advancing” in the Japanese language, aptly describes ZMC through its pioneering years to where it is now today and its mission in the years to come. Today, ZMC has grown to a staff strength of 70 with offices in six countries located in Asia.

Our Philosophy

Depicted in ZMC’s logo, of which the letter “Z” is made up of two arrows in opposite directions, is ZMC’s philosophy of moving ahead (advancing) yet holding on to our fundamentals. It also signifies our commitment in providing quality solutions to our business partners and that they would in turn reciprocate with their assurance and trust in ZMC.

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