Plasmabrush PB3 High Power Plasma Systems
Multiple PB3 Plasma System

Multiple PB3 Plasma System

In a modern production environment, several plasma channels can be integrated intelligently and connected to any control solution you choose. We have developed flexible solutions for Siemens, Allen-Bradley/Rockwell, Beckhoff and equivalent control systems. Each of these manufacturers offers a CAN module. Simply download our driver (universal EDS file) and thus gain full process control in your system environment. Your system can be connected to easily, no matter the SPS manufacturer.

Multiple PB3 Plasma System


  1. PS2000 high power supply
  2. PB3 plasma generator
  3. Adjusted air supply
  4. Host controller
  5. CAN bus for PLC

Information: Simplified functional scheme

All processes are controlled via CAN bus by addressing up to 127 channels simultaneously. Thus, air pressure or gas supplies can be integrated without any difficulty. This system makes it very easy to monitor mass flow of air or any process gas mixtures. The entire system intelligence is implemented into the central control.


  • DateDescriptionLanguageDownload
    2017PS2000 ManualENManual
    2017PS2000 ManualDEManual
    2017PS2000 ManualESManual
    2017PS2000 ManuelFRManuel
    2017PS2000 FlyerENFlyer

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