Plasmabrush PB3 High Power Plasma Systems
CAN Communication PB3 Plasma System

CAN Communication PB3 Plasma System

In this system configuration, all plasma operating parameters can be controlled and displayed on a PLC, which also makes it ideal as a test environment for technical and customer service or for use with different lots in in-line production.

CAN Communication PB3 Plasma System


  1. PS2000 High Power Supply
  2. PB3 plasma generator with fixed throttle
  3. Air supply with constant pressure adjustement and preset valve
  4. Superior PLC
  5. CAN Interface for PLC

Information: Simplified functional scheme

First, the system pressure is set at the air supply. About a permanently set throttle valve on the plasma generator PB3 is set according to the solid curve a constant flowrate. For process control, different PLCs can be used which have a CAN-Bus interface or a CAN-Bus expansion card. The integration is supplied by the customer.


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