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Piezobrush® PZ2 Nozzles

Piezobrush® PZ2 Nozzles

Activation of a wide variety of surfaces with the corresponding accessories.

We offer you an extensive range of accessories to be used with our plasma handheld device Piezobrush® PZ2. If you have an exact idea of what you need or have not yet found what you are looking for – then please feel free to contact us.

Standard Nozzle

Standart Düse piezobrush PZ2

Standart Nozzle

Our piezobrush® standard nozzle for all-round tasks.

Nearfield Nozzle

Nearfield Düse piezobrush PZ2

Nearfield Nozzle

(Article number: 1000606802)
Nozzle for treatment of conductive substrates as metals conductive polymers.

Multigas & Needle Nozzle

Multigas- und Nadeldüse piezobrush PZ2

Multigas- & Needle Nozzle

(Article number: 1000606701)
For use of inert gases, such as argon or helium. If the gas connection component is removed, this nozzle may be used as a needle nozzle for pinpoint activation.

Nozzle Set

Düsenset piezobrush PZ2

Nozzle Set

(Article number: 1000606900)
Set consisting of all three nozzles: the standard-nozzle, the nearfield-nozzle and the multigas-nozzle for different applications.


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    2018piezobrush PZ2 ManualMLManual
    2016piezobrush PZ2 Nozzle ChangeMLNozzle Change
    2017pizobrush PZ2 FlyerENFlyer

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