piezobrush PZ2 - innovative plasma handheld
Piezobrush loan unit

The Piezobrush® PZ2 as loan unit

Would you like to test the Piezobrush® PZ2 for your surface treatment? No problem – our Piezobrush® PZ2 is also available on loan. We will send you the Piezobrush® PZ2 for a rental fee and you can test our plasmatechnology with the tool directly on your premises in your individual working environment. If the Piezobrush® PZ2 convinced you during the test phase, we will of course credit the rental fee to the purchase price. Otherwise, you can simply return the unit to us at the end of the test phase.

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  • DateDescriptionLanguageDownload
    2018piezobrush PZ2 ManualMLManual
    2016piezobrush PZ2 Nozzle ChangeMLNozzle Change
    2020pizobrush PZ2 FlyerENFlyer

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