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Ionization module

Ionization module with CeraPlas technology

Do you develop applications such as cabinets, ventilation systems or waste bins? Is it particularly important to you to minimize germs, viruses and odours, and at best to neutralize them?

Through the integration of plasma technology in form of an ionization module, odour elimination and germ reduction is quite simply possible! You can completely dispense with additional chemicals, as the PDD Technology® is based on a physical process. The ionization module uses the principle of electrical discharge, whereby odours etc. are neutralized by active oxygen.

The special feature of PDD Technology® is that it offers a very compact form of plasma generation for non-thermal plasma, also known as “cold plasma”. This technology, in the form of the Ceraplas HF-Type, the smallest piezoelectric transformer in the range, can therefore be used in a wide variety of applications in a very space-saving manner.

Field of application

The field of application is broad. Industry, medical technology, water and air quality are just a few examples. The space-saving units are particularly suitable for integration into everyday objects such as cupboards, vacuum cleaners, ventilation systems or waste bins and offer maximum convenience for the end user.

  • Kaffeemaschinen Reiniger mit Plasmatechnologie
    Kaffeemaschinen Reiniger mit Plasmatechnologie

For an optimal result, we develop your individual ionization module together with you, which is designed according to your specific requirements. The Ceraplas HF type forms the basis of each ionization module. The corresponding driver is individually adapted to your needs so that you achieve the optimum effect for your application. The plasma module can be optimally integrated into the respective application by means of a holder individualized for your application.

Practice example – Hailo ProfiLine Fresh L

In practice, a Relyon Plasma ionisation module is already integrated into the lid of the Hailo ProfiLine Fresh L waste collector. When not in use, the ionisation module automatically releases active oxygen every 60 minutes, dissociating and ionising the air. In addition to this function, there is a boost button with which the ionization module can be manually activated at any time. By the principle of the electrical discharge the smells, molds, viruses and germs are neutralized afterwards up to 99 per cent.

Hailo ProfiLine Fresh L with ionization module of Relyon Plasma

Hailo ProfiLine Fresh L with integrated ionization module of Relyon Plasma

The ionization module is powered by a rechargeable battery with a runtime of approx. four weeks. The battery can be charged easily via a USB port or it can be permanently connected to the power supply. The ionization module is optimally fitted into the lid of the Hailo Profiline Fresh L waste collector by means of a special holder. This system makes it very easy to safely integrate plasma technology into everyday life.

Productvideo Hailo ProfiLine Fresh L


Relyon Plasma has developed the PDD technology® (Piezoelectric Direct Discharge) for particularly compact plasma generation. The PDD Technology® is based on the direct electrical discharge at an open piezoelectric transformer (PT). The PDD® technology transforms a low input voltage. This results in a high electric field strength. This dissociates and ionizes the surrounding process gas – typically air. Disinfection is mainly carried out by oxidizing odour-producing molecules and microorganisms with ozone.


The advantages of the Relyon Plasma ionisation module are obvious:

  • Small, compact and easy to integrate
  • Proven and safe application (CE and EMC testing)
  • Wide range of applications (cabinets, waste systems, lockers, etc.)
  • Simple possibility to reduce odours, germs, viruses, moulds, pesticides and fungicides.
  • Extremely easy handling for the end user
  • Very energy-efficient due to low heat losses
  • Very environmentally friendly – no auxiliary materials such as chemicals or additives necessary
  • Easy to use
  • Only 24 V required for operation (power supply for standard socket), no high-voltage supply line required
  • Highly efficient and safe excitation of gas molecules
  • Extremely high power density of the compact device

So what are you waiting for? Integrate our plasma technology into your own applications and benefit from the numerous advantages! The high efficiency, compactness and low supply voltage allow us to quickly complete your specific prototype. Thus, the way to your serial product is not far.

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