piezobrush PZ2 - innovative plasma handheld

Piezobrush® PZ2

Plasma handheld device for manual use

The Piezobrush® has been conceived to be an efficient handheld unit. The plasma handheld device is also very suitable for being used in professional model making, in laboratories and the manual assembly of small lots. Glueing of synthetic materials becomes easier due to surface activation resulting from the impact of cold plasma.

Also the adhesion of coatings in the automotive field of application or on polypropylene is optimized. As a further advantage, prior treatment with the Piezobrush® handheld unit increases the bonding strength in the case of epoxy-based adhesives being used for glueing materials, such as glass, GRP, ABS and other synthetic materials. Due to the low thermal stress, treatment of materials conventionally used in model making – such as wood and various kinds of paper – using all-purpose power glue is excellent.

piezobrush PZ2 Handgerät mit Düsensatz

Piezobrush PZ2 Handheld with nozzles

At a maximum power consumption of 30W, cold active plasma with a temperature of ~ 50°C is generated. The Piezobrush® stands out due to its low-maintenance construction principle. All individual components are characterized by their long-term durability and do not need to be replaced or maintained.

Field of application

  • Professional model making (automotive, medical technology and industry)
  • Assembly of small series
  • Research in the medical and food industries
  • Development and optimisation of production processes in the electrical engineering industry
  • Dental laboratories
  • For microbiological, medical, microfluidic or food processing processes

Possible applications

  • Activation of surfaces for bonding of various base materials
  • Surface treatment
  • Superfine cleaning
  • Germ reduction on carrier materials such as glass, plastic and metals
  • Reduction of oxide layers

Technology – Plasma handheld with Piezo Technology

In order to provide products having convincingly compact dimensions, we developed the PDD® Technology. PDD stands for Piezoelectric Direct Discharge. It is based on the direct, electric discharge at an openly operated piezoelectric transformer (PT).

Relyon Plasma piezobrush PZ2

Relyon Plasma piezobrush PZ2

By means of PDD® Technology, low input voltage is transformed. This results in high electric field strengths. The ambient process gas – typically air – is dissociated and ionized.

The advantages of the direct discharge control are obvious: The excitation of gas molecules is highly efficient and safe. Furthermore, the power density of the compact device is extremely high. In practice, a processing performance level is now achieved that had previously been possible only by means of considerably larger installations. This is the ideal device for manual applications in laboratories, medical technology, in commerce and in industry.

The Piezobrush® has been conceived for application by end-users. Here, Relyon Plasma has paid particular attention to usability and user-friendliness. The Piezobrush® requires no specialist, technical knowledge and no complex infrastructure.

The CeraPlas HF plasma generator, a direct high-voltage discharge component for plasma generation, forms the heart of the plasma handheld. The piezoelectric RF plasma generator offers a high ionization rate and an effective ozone generation rate as well as multigas ignition, low power consumption and no magnetic fields.

Piezobrush® PZ2 OEM Module

PDD® Technology opens up an enormously wide range of applications. Industry, medical technology, water and air quality are just some among these attractive potentials.

piezobrush PZ2 OEM Module

Piezobrush PZ2 OEM Module

In cooperation with you, we may develop special variants and realize embedment of PDD® basic technology into your application in accordance with your individual projects and requirements. Owing to the high efficiency and compactness as well as due to the low operational voltage, we are in a position to quickly tailor your specific prototype. You do not have to go a long way to your serial product. Simply contact us!

The Piezobrush® PZ2 as loan unit

Would you like to test the Piezobrush® PZ2 plasma handheld? No problem – our Piezobrush® PZ2 is also available on loan. We will send you the Piezobrush® PZ2 for a rental fee and you can test the tool directly on your premises in your individual working environment. If the Piezobrush® PZ2 convinced you during the test phase, we will of course credit the rental fee to the purchase price. Otherwise, you can simply return the rental unit to us at the end of the test phase.

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