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piezobrush® PZ2 Package


piezobrush® PZ2 Package Set

The piezobrush® PZ2 Package contains the piezobrush® PZ2 handheld plasma unit for manual surface treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma.

Additionally, the set contains two different nozzles. The Standard Nozzle is for the treatment of non-conductive materials such as plastics. The Nearfield Nozzle is for the treatment of conductive materials like stainless steel or CFRP.

Included in the Package:

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The piezobrush® PZ2 Package contains an efficient plasma handheld unit and two nozzles. This makes it particularly suitable for use in laboratories, professional model making and manual assembly of small series. Due to the surface activation caused by the effect of cold plasma, the bonding of plastics is made easier.

It also optimizes the adhesion of paints in automotive applications or on polypropylene. But also when bonding materials such as glass, GRP, ABS and other plastics with different adhesives, the bonding strength is increased by pretreatment with the piezobrush® handheld unit. Thanks to a very low thermal load, materials commonly used in model making, such as wood and various types of paper, can also be excellently treated when bonding with all-purpose adhesive.

With a maximum power consumption of 30 W, cold active plasma with a temperature of ~ 50°C is generated. The piezobrush® is characterized by its low-maintenance design. All individual components have a long service life and do not have to be replaced or maintained.

Selected field reports can be found on our reference page.

Application examples:

◊ Activation and functionalization of surfaces of various materials
◊ Improvement of the wettability
◊ Optimization of gluing, painting, printing and coating processes
◊ Surface treatment of plastics, glass, ceramics, metals, semiconductors, natural fibers and composites
Ultra-fine cleaning and odor reduction

Detailed product information can be found on the product page.

Additional information

Electrical connection:

110-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Power consumption:

max. 30 W


170 g


Handheld unit with plug-in power supply, integrated fan


57 dB

Plasma temperature:

< 50 °C

Treatment speed:

4 cm²/s

Typical treatment distance:

2 – 10 mm

Typical treatment width:

20 mm


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