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CeraPlas Explore Kit


CeraPlas Explore Kit

enhanced prototype demonstrator of Cold Plasma technology

The CeraPlas® technology enables solutions for dry disinfection. The basic components required for this, such as the plasma generator and control unit, are now available in an explore kit for developers. This explore kit is not a finished apparatus or appliance. It is intended to offer a quick and easy development start to interested partners who want to realize their own customized devices.


Scope of delivery

  • Control unit
  • Container
  • Filter extension
  • USB-C charging port
  • Operating instructions

Delivery time: 2 weeks

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The TDK explore kit is a demonstrator unit for exploring dry disinfection processes using the CeraPlas technology. The implementation of decontamination is relatively simple. A lockable volume for treatment and the plasma generator with its control unit are the basic building blocks to set up a first functioning inactivation unit. To ensure operation with reproducible results, a locking mechanism that prevents premature opening is helpful. The active oxygen is either degraded by itself over an appropriate waiting period or accelerated by using  catalysts such as activated carbon or manganese dioxide.

Detailed product information can be found on the product page.


Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Charging voltage (USB-C) Vdc 5 V
Charging current Idc 1 A
Typical operating hours after battery charge top 2 h
Max. ozone generation rate GRmax. 80 mg/h
Typical ozone concentration (measured in empty container) O3 typ. 200 ppm
Max. ozone concentration O3 max. 500 ppm
Operating temperature range Top +5 … +45 °C
Max. operating humidity (non-condensing) RH 60 %
Outer dimensions of the container L/H/W 354/158/260 mm
Inner dimensions of usable volume inside the container L/H/W 230/130/215 mm
Volume of container Vol. 8 liters
Weight m approx. 2 kg


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